America's Best Defense Mansfield Reviews

  • America's Best Defense Mansfield John T.

    I have been with them going on 3 months and have trained with the best TEAM and INSTRUCTOR'S. I am very proud to say I will always defend this school. Thanks Mr. Burns for the training.

    John T.
  • America's Best Defense Mansfield Todd L.

    This is the best school that out of the three I've trained in. I like it better than then the training I received in the Army. Mr. Burns and Sensai Nordberg are outstanding instructors. It doesn't matter if they're teaching an adult class or kids class they are great. I've dropped buy and was impressed with the skill they have working with young kids. If you have ever tried to keep a group of young kids focused and happy for any length of time. You know how difficult it is and they do it every time. Truely something rare to find in martial arts school. For adults Krav Maga has a philosophy and training unlike any styles I have trained in.They're patient with those of us that have been trained by other martial arts schools. They explain extremely well how to, why and where you would use a technique. They are patient and accepting of those of us that have significant injuries. Everyone in the adult classes are nice and fun to train with. There kid a good mix of ages, genders and skill. Best of all there is no ego with us students and everyone wants to help each other get better. If you pride yourself on being obnoxious and /or think your a tough guy, find another school.There are plenty of other schools out there to teach what you want.

    Todd L.
  • America's Best Defense Mansfield Jimbo J.

    Just had my second intro last night and I have to say, hands down, no exaggeration, top 5 best 2 hours I've had! Both myself and step son joined, excited about it, and I can't forget the teachers this far are awesome! Looking forward to get beat up and learn everything I can! One goal, "It's A Black Belt School" need I say more!

    Jimbo J.
  • America's Best Defense Mansfield Kait H.

    This place is AWESOME! The staff is knowledgeable and helpful--even as a total beginner I felt right at home!

    Kait H.
  • America's Best Defense Mansfield Cindi D.

    Great for anyone! I started in January and soon realized how much there is to learn to protect myself. It's a very well structured program with a goal for everyone to be able to earn a black belt. Although I have a long way to go I have improved so much since the very first class.

    Cindi D.


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