Goals You Set – Are Goals You Get!

Goals You Set – Are Goals You Get!

A goal is a desired result that a person identifies and commits to achieve.  

Goals challenge us to grow and help give our lives direction.  A goal should be slightly out of reach, but not out of sight.  A goal should challenge us to stretch, and in the process of stretching, we should be growing.   Additionally, goals should have deadlines.  

A goal without a deadline is a dream.

And a goal without a time-sensitive deadline can allow us to become distracted and lose our focus. 

Training in Martial Arts lends itself to goal setting and goal achieving. 

Each belt is a goal.  

The purpose of these goals is to challenge you in such a way that you grow in the process.  By advancing in rank, you will find your skills become better and you begin to develop a “can do” attitude.  As you accomplish each challenge, your confidence increases. 

After a time of training in Basic classes, many students consider going after their Black Belt.  Why? Becauseit’s not what you get – it’s what you become! 

Through the process of learning more advanced curriculum, you become more confident, more skilled, and you begin to tap into more of your potential. 

Without setting these goals, they will not be achieved. 

You must set goals and get to work after them. 

The Goals you set are the goals you get! 

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