Mansfield Teens Krav Maga Classes

Learn Self Defense and Get In Amazing Shape! May Specials! Krav Maga Classes

Teens Krav Maga classes in Mansfield is the perfect way to get your teen off the couch and learning the fastest growing self defense system: Krav Maga. They will not only stay in great shape, but your teen will also learn how to properly defend themselves in any situation. They will gradually feel more confident as their skills grow, and you will receive a piece of mind knowing they can effectively defend themselves.

Our experienced instructors will work to meet the class goals, and keep each teen motivated and determined to succeed. Our instructors are not only accustomed to working with children of all ages, but also of all fitness levels. All are welcome at America's Best Defense in Mansfield! Your teen will love the high-energy and fast-paced classes at America's Best Defense.

Teen Krav Maga Classes in Mansfield are Second to None!

We guarantee your teenager will leave each class excited to return! We promise that every child that walks through our doors experiences a safe and friendly environment to learn Krav Maga in. Your teen will build positive and encouraging relationships with classmates and instructors, and will feel a sense of community at America's Best Defense in Mansfield.

On top of new friendships and increased self-confidence, your teen will learn so many other valuable skills, both physical and mental. Below are just a few:

  • Each teen will learn how to set attainable goals from week to week
  • How to fight
  • Basic combatives
  • Defense against chokes 
  • Knife defense
  • Gun defense
  • Defense against more than one attacker

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